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Introducing the most versatile and accurate 3D Laser Scanners available on the market today. 3D Laser Scanners Canada is proud to provide the self-positioning, handheld line of 3D Laser Scanners known as




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SCAN your part in 3D!!!


3D scanners are often used for modeling three dimensional models which may be used for future 3D rendering. 3D scanners from the Handyscan 3D line-up are; self-positioning, truly portable, hand-held laser scanners that offer the latest technological innovations and offer powerful and efficient functionality. Our 3D scanners have been designed to maximize the needs of today’s 3D laser scanning and engineering projects, while adhering to various budgets. If you are looking for user-friendly laser scanners to scan your part in 3D, please select a 3D laser scanner from the options below


How do 3D scanners work?


3D laser scanners send trillions of light photons toward an object and only receive a small percentage of those photons back via the optics that they use. With that technique, 3D scanners can build a 3D modeling object very quickly. 3D scanners produce a picture describing the distance information of each point to an object. Moreover, the 3D scanner photon’s probes the object surface at the speed of light. 








The UNIscan is the best way to conduct serious, cost-efficient laser scanning business. Boasting the same innovative self-positioning handheld technology that has completely revolutionized the 3D scanning ways of doing, the UNIscan is the most affordable, easy to use, all-purpose scanner of the Handyscan 3D line-up.


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Here is the REVscan, the innovative self-positioning handheld scanner that has completely changed the way reverse engineering, design, shape acquisition and 3D inspection are done. Powerful, accurate and truly portable, the REVscan definitively maintains its technological edge.


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The arm-free handheld MetraSCAN™ 3D scanning system and the C-Track™ 780 dual-camera sensor form a unique duo that generates the most accurate measurements in the lab and on the shop floor. Combined with the HandyPROBE, this complete and powerful inspection solution increases the reliability, speed and versatility of the measurement process. Compared with other 3D scanners on articulated arms, the MetraSCAN optical 3D scanning system allows total freedom of movement for significantly increased productivity and quality!


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Based on the same breakthrough technology that has made the Handyscan 3D brand so successful, the EXAscan self-positioning handheld scanner offers increased resolution and accuracy. The EXAscan makes it possible to carry out EXActing 3D scanning projects with a level of detail and accuracy that no other handheld scanning system can achieve. The EXAscan is definitely the most flexible, freeform inspection device on the market.


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Extensive length. Large surface. Bulkiness. These are no longer issues, thanks to the MAXscan. This new laser scanner has been designed for a sole purpose : to bring large parts data acquisition to the MAXimum level of accuracy ever reached with a 2-in-1 device. When dealing with large parts, the MAXscan laser scanner is the most powerful ally in reverse engineering and inspection.


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 The HandyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arm-free probing system and the C-Track dual-camera sensor form a unique duo that generates high-accuracy measurements with an accuracy of up to 22 µm and also increases the reliability and speed of the measurement process. Compared to other existing coordinate measurement technologies, the portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arm-free probing system HandyPROBE gives you total freedom of movement, allowing for significant increase in productivity and quality of work.


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